Different Types of Salwar Suit

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India is a diversified nation where you can see the unity of individuals who are from different religions and cultures. Here you can discover diverse religions who wear different outfits of various colours. Individuals in various states in India do wear different garments. Whatever they wear, it would simply look great in all the ways. Covering the fact about the unity of India. We will discuss about the Different types of salwar suit & Different designs of salwar suits

Different Religions

Each of the traditional outfits symbolizes different societies of India. When you take a look at the northern piece of India, you can discover ladies in salwar kameez and men in kurta pajamas. Aside from any other fashion, the salwar kameez is a standout among the most famous dress in India. 

So, let us talk about the different types of salwar kameez. We have shortlisted roundabout 06 Salwar suit till now & we will list them down for you 

Types of Salwar Suit

1. Straight Cut Salwar Suit

Different Types of Salwar Suit

A classic Indian Straight Cut Salwar Suit is the most popular and worn outfit of all time. It represents the heritage of Indian fashion with its style, dignity, and grace. They have been known to mankind for a long time now as this is the most popular and basic silhouette for salwar kameez loved by a large number of women all across the world for ages. The straight-cut kameez goes perfectly fit at the hips or waist considering the choice of the wearer and widens towards the hemline, leaving the illusion of an A-line shape. It is versatile in nature as that can be easily styled, with any type of bottom from 

  • salwar
  • pants
  • sharara
  • jeans
  • skirts to even lehengas

That looks stellar no matter how you style it.

2. Anarkali Suit

Different Types of Salwar Suit

An Anarkali is a type of Suit that consists of a long frock style top that creates a flattering flowing silhouette often embroidered heavily, with varying length, or sometimes paired with a dupatta. They are usually fitted around the bodice and feature multiple panels after the bodice.

Anarkali Shalwar suit is a form of women’s dress originating from the Indian subcontinent. 

It is made up of a long, frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom that varies in length & embroideries.

3. Punjabi Salwar Suit

Different Types of Salwar Suit

Punjabi suit is one of the most rated styles in Indian salwar kameez originated from the lands of Punjab. Punjabi salwar kameez are traditionally called Punjabi Patiala salwar suits. Punjabi Patiala Salwar suit is considered as one of the most comfortable yet elegant outfits for women that are available in the market in a vast variety of patterns, fabrics, and designs. It not only gives the wearer a fashionable and trendy look but also carries the true essence of Indian heritage and tradition. The grace of a Punjabi Patiala salwar kameez is easy to see it is a strong Punjabi status itself. The comparative short kurta with Patiala salwar completes this piece of fabric art. 

You can pull off a mesmerizing Indian look with a Punjabi suit glamorized with the trend. The best part is that they are versatile, look good on every woman irrespective of their body type, complexion, age, and height. 

4. Palazzo Salwar Suit

Different Types of Salwar Suit

Palazzo salwar kameez has never stopped being trendy in fashion run. It is a fusion of a Palazzo with a straight kurta that adds novelty to your look. A long and loose pair of pants that flares out from the waist The Palazzo Salwar Suit is a perfect way to showcase traditions that too in a modern way.

5. Afghani Style Suit

Different Types of Salwar Suit

Loose-fitting and conservative is what perfectly describes them. Afghani outwear is setting the trend in the salwar kameez trend. A wide pleated bottom with a slim short kurta is ready to amaze your looks unimaginably.

Designed Afghani dresses depict the Afghan culture and their fashion trends. They are a little different in fashion, but their favouritism in the Indian Market is increasing.

6. Flared Salwar Suit

They are similar to the Anarkali suit set, but the style has more variety. You will see many designers adding a new design to this beautiful flared Suit.

It comes with a straight fit kurta having a long slit on both sides because of the flared inner. That what makes this straight style set a flared suit set. It further paired with the bottom and dupatta.

Giving you the brief about the different salwar suit styles or more precisely different salwar kameez styles. We Mohini fashions deliver you the best loaded with different types of salwar kameez variables, we offer our customers a large variety of clothing that can uplift your fashion game.

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